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Winsketch ProTM 7.0

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Easy-To-Use Sketching Software for Appraisers
WinSketch Pro allows appraisers to easily create interior and exterior building sketches for both electronic and paper appraisal delivery. Free form drawing and entry of pre-defined or customized distances and angles are a cinch with WinSketch Pro’s intuitive and easy-to use interface.

With Winsketch Pro, square footage and area separations are automatically calculated on the fly as you draw property diagrams. Adding special features (such as doorways, fixtures and the like) has never been easier.

Easy To Use...
Simply draw a sketch over a transparent grid with your mouse or use keyboard commands. WinSketch Pro automatically straightens lines and scales for exact distances. Add room corners at predefined or custom angles. WinSketch Pro automatically closes off rooms when appropriate.

 Keyboard jockeys and mouse lovers will both find WinSketch Pro easy to use. Whichever data entry method you prefer, WinSketch Pro allows users to build accurate floor plans with ease.

Predefined Structural Icons...
Sinks, doors, stairs and hundreds of other structural objects are easily added to any sketch. Simply drag and drop the icons to improve the accuracy and detail of any sketch. With WinSketch Pro, drawings can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be.

Automatic Scaling and Page Determination... For large structures, WinSketch Pro automatically rescales the sketch to fit standard page sizes. For complex drawings, page tabs help to organize and manage multiple floors and area calculations.

Proof Positive Area Calculation...
WinSketch Pro allows appraisers to quickly sketch the exterior of a building and instantly calculate its square footage. By defining multiple areas within the building sketch, such as the first floor, the garage, or decks, WinSketch Pro breaks out area calculations to give the appraiser a true representation of living area versus utility space. This method of area calculation, known as Proof Positive, is only available in WinSketch Pro.

Integrates with Palm Handheld Devices...
WinSketch Pro is fully integrated with AreaCalc, the industry’s leading sketch software for PalmOS handheld devices. Appraisers can complete their sketches in the field and then synchronize with Day One NOVA by simply pushing one button.


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